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Everyone wants more time to focus on their most important priorities, such as family, work and sports. Cleaning is one of the biggest stress factors in our everyday life, since it’s not just cleaning, but everything that comes to taking care of our homes. It’s all the “I should” and “I need to”. Whilst majority of us enjoy a clean and tidy home, the time spent on the maintenance is away from your other priorities. This is where we step in.

We guarantee the same team to provide the service for you, because we believe consistency ensures quality. And quality ensures your happiness. When sick days or holidays comes along, we ensure to replace your usual cleaning team, with as experienced colleagues of theirs.

We will do the job the way you want it to be done, because your home is your space and you have a certain way of doing things. We will talk to you personally to capture your specific needs and incorporate them into our routine.

Renthjem team

Krista Paulin


Jette Suldrup Hoffström

Customer Service Assistant

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